Crackdown on Trucks Speeding on South Eastern Freeway

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TRUCK drivers found speeding or using the wrong gear face tough new penalties including loss of licence, in response to a coronial call for reform over fatal freeway crashes.

In 2015, deputy state coroner Anthony Schapel delivered findings into two out-of-control heavy vehicle crashes.

They included one the year prior when 41-year-old truck driver James Venning died after slamming into a wall at the intersection of Cross and Glen Osmond roads, as well as the death of 42-year-old John Posnakidis who was waiting for help at a bus stop when he was killed by an out-of-control semi-trailer in 2010.

Transport Minister Stephan Knoll on Wednesday announced “tough new offences and penalties” to come into effect on May 1 for drivers of trucks and buses who are detected driving unsafely on the downtrack of the South-Eastern Freeway.

Truck and bus drivers caught committing low-gear and speeding offences could receive a six-month licence disqualification, lose six demerit points and an expiation fee of $1036.

Previously, fines of $364 and $379 and three demerit points applied respectively.

The speeding penalty applies to trucks found going between 10 and 20kmh over the limit.

Mr Knoll said the “tough new laws” would help keep “motorists and the public safe”.

“Unfortunately, the bottom of the South-Eastern Freeway has been the site of some absolute tragic accidents in recent years,” he said.

“These tough new penalties will act as an even greater deterrent to those thinking about doing the wrong thing and driving unsafely.”


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