Our Team

A key component of Chain of Responsibility Australia’s competency to provide CoR Compliance services is the substantial experience and qualifications of our team.

Managing Directors, Steven Asnicar and Peter Cutforth, have an extensive background as senior executives, including risk, compliance, change management, and training, both in academic and applied strategic and operational contexts.

Additionally we are proud of our key personnel with extensive practical experience in the transport and logistics industry, covering compliance, consulting, legal, and training.

Chain of Responsibility Australia’s team is listed below with a full biography of key staff involved with CoR systems implementation also included.

Larry Phillips

CoR Services Director

Extensive career in Transport & Logistics. Previous transport company owner. Chain of Responsibility Manager, Advisor and consultant.

Andrew Watt

CoR Project & Legal Director

Extensive experience as a government lawyer, dealing with strategic and operational risk assessment and management; supply chain procurement and service contract auditing, negotiations and drafting.

Peter Cutforth


Experienced senior executive and company director in the healthcare, financial, consulting, marketing and digital industries. Extensive experience in quality resource development.

Steven Asnicar


Experienced Chief Executive and Company Director with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare, logistics, education management and compliance industries.

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