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The Three Focuses Of Chain Of Responsibility Legislation: Part 1 Fatigue

With the new changes coming in for laws regulating the road transport sector, and their enforcement, all parties involved in the road transport sector need to be aware of what Chain Of Responsibility legislation is all about. The new legislation urges all the parties in the supply chain: consignors, packers, loaders/ unloaders, drivers, schedulers, operators and receivers to have complete knowledge about the legislation, (including recent updates) that govern the industry. This will help them prevent any instance in which they may have violated the law unintentionally.

The chief focus of the Chain of Responsibility Legislation is to bring down driver fatigue. A number of vehicular accidents are caused due to the negligence of the driver as the result of fatigue. Fatigue may cause the driver to unintentionally put themselves and other travelers in unnecessary danger. Fatigued drivers may become drowsy and disoriented when working beyond established limits.

To bring down the incidence of accidents caused by driver fatigue, all the parties involved in road transport need to ensure that the driver is not working beyond the legal hours and is taking enough rest hours. The law defines a limit for driving hours and also for the speed on road.

Not only are the parties directly involved responsible for ensuring drivers are not fatigued and driving unsafely as a result, but any party having a hand in violations otherwise caused by negligence can be held legally accountable for the incident, even if they were not physically involved or even aware of the breach. The Chain of Responsibility legislation and recent updates to its enforcement is like a wake up call for those who thought that driver fatigue was not their concern.

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