Harvest Truck Blitz on Vic Roads

According to Victorian growers, a blitz on the state’s grain truck fleet is resulting in many vehicles being declared unroadworthy due to minor infractions.

1. The Victorian Police’ Heavy Vehicle Unit has handed out 111 infraction notices during the blitz in Warracknabeal from 28 November to December.

2. There were also 7 unroadworthy certificates issued.

Sanctions on truck owners have been enforced due to the farm safety crackdown in other areas.
Farmers are worried because this their busiest t ime of year and they are being forced off the road.
Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) president David Jochinke said farmers were complaining that for minor defects, they were experiencing major negative impacts.

Source: https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/4340755/truck-blitz-bites-during-harvest/?cs=4713.

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