TCA Releases Onboard Mass System Specification

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Transport Certification Australia (TCA) released its OBM (on board mass) System Functional and Technical Specification yesterday and according to TCA CEO Chris Koniditsiotis, the key aim is to use OBM systems to support future road access and productivity.

As transport operators continue to adopt OBM systems to manage their commercial obligations, mass compliance and CoR requirements, having the use of OBM systems as an assurance is vital, Koniditsiotis explained.

This presents the opportunity for greater productivity and improved safety of the road network.

Mr Koniditsiotis said the specification included requirements for:

  • environmental characteristics
  • data collection
  • record generation
  • functionality
  • physical characteristics
  • data storage
  • data security and transfer
  • interconnection to a telematics in-vehicle unit
  • installation, calibration, operation and maintenance

Through performance based open standards, Koniditsiotis believes it will help acheive consistency and minimise the cost to industry, while pushing competition.

Who can use the specification:

  • suppliers of OBM systems planning to apply for type approval
  • end-users investigating and comparing different OBM  systems against the Specification.


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