Truck Industry Slams Underspending on Rest Stops

The trucking industry in South Australia has condemned the lack of funding for vehicle rest stops.

The industry said it could take up to 50 years before there are enough rest stops to meet the Government’s own standard, with Federal Government requirements mandating that there should be an available rest station for truck drivers at least every 80 kilometres.

SARTA says despite this requirement, there are only 20 per cent of the number of rest stops required.Executive officer Steve Shearer said at the rate of current funding, it would take decades to meet the requirement.

Mr Shearer demanded that government at all levels take fatigue management in trucking seriously.

SARTA highlighted the importance of rest breaks for truck drivers in order to avoid fatigue.

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) said last week that the Federal Government expected to spend just over $46million of its budget for funding truck rest stops and other productivity projects in the 2017/2018 financial year.

ATA chief executive Ben Maguire also critiscised the lack of rest stops saying that in a profession where drivers are required to take rest breaks by fatigue laws, the number of rest stops was not sufficient.


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