WorkSafe Victoria Hands Out $150,000 Fine For Truckie Injury

A retail company has been fined $150,000 without conviction following an incident at the company’s premises. The incident involved a truck driver, whose foot was crushed when he was run over, twice, by a mobile shipping container transporter.

The incident occurred when the driver walked along a marked pedestrian area. The man was returning to his truck while a shipping container was being unloaded from it by a mobile straddle carrier, WorkSafe explained.

The carrier struck the driver when it moved forward and ran over his leg and did the same when it reversed.

The incident left the man with a dislocated knee, broken ankle and crushed foot which resulted in the amputation of a toe.

WorkSafe highlighted that  “All employers must ensure machinery and pedestrians are adequately separated and that systems and processes are in place to protect workers at all sites.”


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