Trucks Protest on Sydney’s Harbour Bridge over Fatalities

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Some 200 trucks have converged on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of a union protest calling for industry regulation to address fatal truck crashes in Australia.

The trucks took up lanes in both directions on the bridge on Sunday morning before looping around Sydney’s CBD, mirroring similar protests in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

The drivers are calling for an end to the pressure they are under to work long hours, speed and skip mandatory rest breaks which cause safety risks on the roads, a release from the Transport Workers Union said on Sunday.

Since the national Road Safety Remuneration System was scrapped in 2016, 535 people have died in truck crashes, including 115 truck drivers, the TWU says.

“This convoy is about sending a message to the federal government: we want the needless deaths, the injuries, the wage theft, the insolvencies and the job losses to end,” TWU national secretary Michael Kaine said in the statement.

“We demand regulation to lift standards and address the problems in our industry,” Mr Kaine said.

The union wants to ensure those at the top of the supply chain pay their share to ensure goods are transported safely and aims to put an end to the “high numbers of preventable truck crashes that cost so many lives,” he said.


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