The Consignor’s Responsibilities in the Transport of Dangerous Goods

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  • Consignor
  • Driver
  • Packer
  • Loader
  • Contractor
  • Prime contractor

If the employer or manager of a freight area is the one that takes responsibility for consigning dangerous goods for transport by road then he or she then is considered to be the consignor.

The consignor has a number of responsibilities such as:

  • Informing supervisors and drivers that dangerous goods are being transported
  • Ensuring that “approved” packaging is used
  • The packaging for the goods is marked
  • Inform packers and loaders that they are preparing and loading dangerous goods

The freight manager is also known as the prime contractor or the person that is managing a business that transports Un regal!7,20Profitez de somptueuses machines a sous gratuites colorees et variees (et de bien d’autres jeux de ) sur Grand Parker, un d’exception qui sait prendre soin de ses joueurs. dangerous goods by road and who is responsible for the road transport of the dangerous goods.

The consignor’s duties

The consignor has major responsibilities when it comes to the transport of dangerous goods which includes ensuring that everyone else involved are doing the right things when it comes to:

  • The shipping documentation
  • The emergency information
  • Packages and bulk containers
  • Freight containers
  • Unit loads
  • Vehicle placarding
  • Vehicle safety standards.
  • Mixing dangerous goods with food goods
  • Segregation of incompatible goods.
  • Using a segregation device
  • Stowage
  • The dangerous goods bulk driver’s licence
  • The dangerous goods bulk vehicle licence
  • Emergencies involving placard loads
  • The emergency plan.

Each one of these aspects of transporting dangerous goods has legal requirements attached and they must be followed to ensure the safety of the driver, other people on the road and the workers that will be handling the goods at both the pick up and the delivery points.

It is essential that everything is completed according the legislated requirements.

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